Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Hot Animated Males

 I finally found some free time and a topic that I NEED to write about! :) So with out further ado I will be writing about my Top Hot Animated Males! :D
 Yes I really am going to write about this, and yes I admit I have felt attraction to cartoon characters! In fact I still do!
And you know what?
So now that we have established we all have had urges towards some moving pictures at one time or another I present my personal Ten For the Win! 

1. Sesshomaru

I was first introduced to anime through Inuyash by my cousin. I remember the first time I saw this carcature I melted. The entire time I was thinking I am not obbessed with a chartoon character. I am NOT! I then asked my cousin if he has a love interest, and was immensily relieved when she said no. I had tried suppressing my attraction for cartoons and succeced for a few years. Alas, I had barley glimpsed him on the internet and the spark came roaring back! :D Sesshoumaru is without a doubt my number 1!

2. Jim Hawkins

Ah! Im still hung up on this one! lol Everytime I saw the movie I never paid attension to the story and for the first time ever I really didn't care. Yes it was infatuation with 2D at first glimpse. My daydreams those days consisted of waiting for Jim's physical manifestation to find me all of the suddenly and take me away on an awesome adventure and to make out. ;)

3. Darkwolf

I discovered this hunk a couple of years ago watching an 80s flick. Darkwolf is a MAN. His additude, demeaner, voice and just overallness is the best personification of a man to me. If you watch the movie you would understand what I mean.

4. Terry McGinnis
What can I say? He's younger than the previous Batman thus closer to my age which probably had something to do with it.
5. Prince Diamond
This is no prince charming! Even though he kiddnapps and forces Sailor Moon to kiss him, I still had a thing for him. Im starting to realize I have a thing for white/silver haired dudes.
6. Danny Phantom

I remember when this show first aired on Nick. I never got that this guy was a 'loser' in school. Heck, if he was at my school he would def be popular and presued by many! Again with the white hair.....

So now that we have established my thing for white hair, I'd say most of us can addmit to crushing over a cartoon. Some people may have move on from it and others, like myself, haven't. ;)  Let me know what ya'll think the comments and if I should continue posts like these or just stick with books?

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  1. haha yes to Jim Hawkins! He was the highlight of that movie for sure :)