Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Review Deer In Headlights by Staci Hart

The reader is introduced to all of the main gods and goddesses on how they would behave in today's world. They are all blunt, spout curse words and are even more enjoyable to read about than in the old English editions. The gods are bored and thus have competitions among each other to entertain themselves. For this challenge it's Aphrodite vs. Apollo. The goal for Dita (Aphrodite) is to have a couple fall in love, for Apollo it is to keep them apart. 

Enter Player 1: Lex, she is 25, has a hot bf and is def not in love. She loves her bf like a friend. Basically she and he are portrayed to be the ultimate friends with benefits; they both do not love each but are best friends. No fights or jealousy. (Except for mine, who doesn't want a relationship like that at least once?) 

Enter Player 2: Dean, he is a man whore who just doesn't give a shit. Ya know the one who you hate on site because it’s clear he just wants some tail and is rude about it yet gets it anyway.

The Good: I loved how the author was able to give each god a modern attitude but still had them keep their original self’s. Had I read this before Homer in high school I would have had more fun reading it! I also really really enjoyed her take on Dita's opinion on marriage and relationships. Dite is against marriage and is insulted she was forced in it. This gorgeous creative bit really sold me. When you think about it, marriage really is the opposite of Dita herself. Reading it with this mindset and seeing how see despised Hephaestus made me sympathize with her, which I was never able to do before. I can now see how Dita was justified in her anger. Then Ms. Hart presents another amazing chapter on how Dita and Heff's relationship has come long since then. Though Dita is still distant from Heff she understands she had taken her anger out of him and that it was unfair. She and Heff share these cute little moments that actually made me go ahhh. 

The Bad: The ending!!! :( I still had a question about Mars and Dita!! I won't give it away!! 

The Book: Overall I give Staci Hart's Deer in Headlight five stars! :D The writing was excellent, the characters where realistic and the creative tidbits to their personas really stuck with me. I do not read Greek Myth for fun; I honestly have a hard time enjoying it. But not with this book! I recommend it even you hate the topic of Greek Myth!!

PS: I was given an earc of the sequel Snake in the Grass! I will be posting a review of that as well!

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