Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review Scorched by Mari Mancusi

The Book: Scorched follows 16 year old Trinity who loves RPG's and helps keep her crazy grandpa’s museum opened. Her gramp's pulls a crazy stunt by buying a 'dragon' egg to put on display in his museum. Trinity is face palming and pissed. Until she hears a little voice in her head only she can hear. Turns out the dragon egg is really a dragon egg and she is mentally linked to it.

The Good: YA check, Dragons check

The Bad: Trinity is unoriginal. She is the same old goody-two shoes who likes boys and think soft core sexual thoughts but mentally slaps herself for it. She also follows whatever character that claims to be the good guy. Trinity is familiar because she is in a lot of YA books. She may go by a different name, different story, etc. but she is the same. Why did I pick this book up? Why was I excited? Because of the fucking dragons! Not many dragons have debuted in the YAverse so I was on board when I first caught on to this title. Unfortunately the dragons take a backseat in this story. It’s all about Miss Norm that just so happens to have a dragon in the background. *face palms*
Wait it gets worse; clearly Mari Mancusi has read the Inheritance series or at the very least Eragon. I say this because Trinity's mental relationship with her dragon Emmy is extremely analogous to Eragon's and Saphira's relationship. In fact, it was so flipping similar it felt like I was reading a watered down draft of Eragon fan fic.
I am just disappointed. I was excited about Scorched but I was given a story that utterly failed to entertain me. For example, I wanted to play the RPG Trinity was talking about instead of reading this book. In fact the parts of her talking about the RPG were more interesting than the dragon itself. :(
This book had potential and promise, but it fell completely flat. It's just another sappy love triangle and another way to score a few bucks. Dragons are new and different surely some would pre-order it just because it has a dragon on it: Well played Mancusi, I fell for it.

266/352 Did Not Finish