Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review Scorched by Mari Mancusi

The Book: Scorched follows 16 year old Trinity who loves RPG's and helps keep her crazy grandpa’s museum opened. Her gramp's pulls a crazy stunt by buying a 'dragon' egg to put on display in his museum. Trinity is face palming and pissed. Until she hears a little voice in her head only she can hear. Turns out the dragon egg is really a dragon egg and she is mentally linked to it.

The Good: YA check, Dragons check

The Bad: Trinity is unoriginal. She is the same old goody-two shoes who likes boys and think soft core sexual thoughts but mentally slaps herself for it. She also follows whatever character that claims to be the good guy. Trinity is familiar because she is in a lot of YA books. She may go by a different name, different story, etc. but she is the same. Why did I pick this book up? Why was I excited? Because of the fucking dragons! Not many dragons have debuted in the YAverse so I was on board when I first caught on to this title. Unfortunately the dragons take a backseat in this story. It’s all about Miss Norm that just so happens to have a dragon in the background. *face palms*
Wait it gets worse; clearly Mari Mancusi has read the Inheritance series or at the very least Eragon. I say this because Trinity's mental relationship with her dragon Emmy is extremely analogous to Eragon's and Saphira's relationship. In fact, it was so flipping similar it felt like I was reading a watered down draft of Eragon fan fic.
I am just disappointed. I was excited about Scorched but I was given a story that utterly failed to entertain me. For example, I wanted to play the RPG Trinity was talking about instead of reading this book. In fact the parts of her talking about the RPG were more interesting than the dragon itself. :(
This book had potential and promise, but it fell completely flat. It's just another sappy love triangle and another way to score a few bucks. Dragons are new and different surely some would pre-order it just because it has a dragon on it: Well played Mancusi, I fell for it.

266/352 Did Not Finish

Sunday, July 21, 2013

IMM This Week

 I have decided to start doing a weekly In My Mailbag! :) So here is what I got for the week!

  •  A tote I won from Rahima Warren's giveaway hop, with a pic of her awesome book on it!
  • Tainted Angel by Anne Cleeland from another giveaway
  • A beautiful bottle of nail polish for pre-ordering Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo!

Here's a close up! XD I was really excited to get this!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Review Deer In Headlights by Staci Hart

The reader is introduced to all of the main gods and goddesses on how they would behave in today's world. They are all blunt, spout curse words and are even more enjoyable to read about than in the old English editions. The gods are bored and thus have competitions among each other to entertain themselves. For this challenge it's Aphrodite vs. Apollo. The goal for Dita (Aphrodite) is to have a couple fall in love, for Apollo it is to keep them apart. 

Enter Player 1: Lex, she is 25, has a hot bf and is def not in love. She loves her bf like a friend. Basically she and he are portrayed to be the ultimate friends with benefits; they both do not love each but are best friends. No fights or jealousy. (Except for mine, who doesn't want a relationship like that at least once?) 

Enter Player 2: Dean, he is a man whore who just doesn't give a shit. Ya know the one who you hate on site because it’s clear he just wants some tail and is rude about it yet gets it anyway.

The Good: I loved how the author was able to give each god a modern attitude but still had them keep their original self’s. Had I read this before Homer in high school I would have had more fun reading it! I also really really enjoyed her take on Dita's opinion on marriage and relationships. Dite is against marriage and is insulted she was forced in it. This gorgeous creative bit really sold me. When you think about it, marriage really is the opposite of Dita herself. Reading it with this mindset and seeing how see despised Hephaestus made me sympathize with her, which I was never able to do before. I can now see how Dita was justified in her anger. Then Ms. Hart presents another amazing chapter on how Dita and Heff's relationship has come long since then. Though Dita is still distant from Heff she understands she had taken her anger out of him and that it was unfair. She and Heff share these cute little moments that actually made me go ahhh. 

The Bad: The ending!!! :( I still had a question about Mars and Dita!! I won't give it away!! 

The Book: Overall I give Staci Hart's Deer in Headlight five stars! :D The writing was excellent, the characters where realistic and the creative tidbits to their personas really stuck with me. I do not read Greek Myth for fun; I honestly have a hard time enjoying it. But not with this book! I recommend it even you hate the topic of Greek Myth!!

PS: I was given an earc of the sequel Snake in the Grass! I will be posting a review of that as well!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anti-Internet for 5 days

 I will be leaving the country today and I have decided to go without my laptop. Esstencially I will go these 5 days without internet access. Given the hours I spend everyday on the Internet, this proves to be a danting task. I am doing this because I think it will be good for myself to be unplugged. I think  it will also 'force' me to read a bit more. For awhile I have been thinking of unplugging as it does interfer with my other interests in life. I think this will be good for me, maybe. Can you already see the denial?? lol anyways when I return I will post about my net withdrawals and whatnot.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Hot Animated Males

 I finally found some free time and a topic that I NEED to write about! :) So with out further ado I will be writing about my Top Hot Animated Males! :D
 Yes I really am going to write about this, and yes I admit I have felt attraction to cartoon characters! In fact I still do!
And you know what?
So now that we have established we all have had urges towards some moving pictures at one time or another I present my personal Ten For the Win! 

1. Sesshomaru

I was first introduced to anime through Inuyash by my cousin. I remember the first time I saw this carcature I melted. The entire time I was thinking I am not obbessed with a chartoon character. I am NOT! I then asked my cousin if he has a love interest, and was immensily relieved when she said no. I had tried suppressing my attraction for cartoons and succeced for a few years. Alas, I had barley glimpsed him on the internet and the spark came roaring back! :D Sesshoumaru is without a doubt my number 1!

2. Jim Hawkins

Ah! Im still hung up on this one! lol Everytime I saw the movie I never paid attension to the story and for the first time ever I really didn't care. Yes it was infatuation with 2D at first glimpse. My daydreams those days consisted of waiting for Jim's physical manifestation to find me all of the suddenly and take me away on an awesome adventure and to make out. ;)

3. Darkwolf

I discovered this hunk a couple of years ago watching an 80s flick. Darkwolf is a MAN. His additude, demeaner, voice and just overallness is the best personification of a man to me. If you watch the movie you would understand what I mean.

4. Terry McGinnis
What can I say? He's younger than the previous Batman thus closer to my age which probably had something to do with it.
5. Prince Diamond
This is no prince charming! Even though he kiddnapps and forces Sailor Moon to kiss him, I still had a thing for him. Im starting to realize I have a thing for white/silver haired dudes.
6. Danny Phantom

I remember when this show first aired on Nick. I never got that this guy was a 'loser' in school. Heck, if he was at my school he would def be popular and presued by many! Again with the white hair.....

So now that we have established my thing for white hair, I'd say most of us can addmit to crushing over a cartoon. Some people may have move on from it and others, like myself, haven't. ;)  Let me know what ya'll think the comments and if I should continue posts like these or just stick with books?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013 Giveaway Hop

Happy New Year 2013
Giveaway Hop

Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Babs Book Bistro

January 1st - 7th 2013
Welcome! :D I'm still kinda new at blogging so this coming I intend to keep more up to date with my blog! Starting now!!! I have got a couple of books for yall to win.
Nk Im giving away 3 of these books! I first winner will get their choice of 2 and second winner will get 1 book that was not chosen. Both of these books are of a series so I though offering the first and second book would be great! Have fun and dont forget to check out all of the other blogs!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway