Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review Of Sphinx's Queen

I recieved a copy of Sphinx's Queen from Random Buzzers! I just started reading the first book so basicaly I read the series backwards. Even though I didn't read Sphinx's Princess I got into the story of Sphinx's Queen quickly! The book introduced the characters really well and did a great job of explaining what happend to cause their situation in the begining. The chapters where Netfertiti, Nava, and Amenophis were traveling in the sea and desert were very vivid and it felt like I wasn't reading, but seeing a movie played out in my head. Which is a very good thing! I also really liked her escape from the old fisherman and her boldness when she travelled to the very camp she and the others were trying to escape to save Amenophis. Her intellgence really surprised me, she was able to thinks things through very quickly and the author made it easy to fallow along Nefertiti's train of thought. By the end where Nefertiti befriends Thutmose. It really shocked me, but then grew to love Thutmose where as before I really dislike the character completely. Thutmose's personal growth really got to me and it got to a point where I really wanted him and Netfertiti to marry! I thought that was were the story was going when Amenophis became involved doing his mothers every whim. I didn't see enough of Amenophis to keep him in mind at the end. He really wasn't there much and exspected more of him. Anyways the ending was sad, beauitful, and great. I highly recommend this book to history geeks and fantasy lovers! It had both without any conflcition! I definitally going to check more of Esther Friesner's writing! I can't wait to read her third historical princess series Spirit's Princess!

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